Fraley's Chapel Church of Christ

"The churches of Christ salute you." Romans 16:16


Fri. 5/26 All day Tim & Lisa Young's Anniversary
Sat. 5/27 6:00 PM Birthday Bash / Game Night

Birthday Bash and Game Night at the fellowship hall

Sun. 5/28 All day Jimmy & Cherie Bingham's Anniversary
Fri. 6/2 All day Joan Poindexter's Birthday
All day Jeremy & Chrystal Smith's Anniversary
Sat. 6/3 All day Emma Kate Davis' Birthday
Sun. 6/4 All day Mandie Wilbanks' Birthday
All day First Sunday

Eat lunch after morning services and have a 1:15 afternoon service. No evening service.

All day Jade Wren's Birthday
Sun. 6/4
Wed. 6/7
All day VBS


Starts Sunday morning and runs 6 pm nightly

Tue. 6/6 All day David Smith's Birthday
Wed. 6/7 All day Barbara Gough's Birthday
Fri. 6/9 All day Madison Hall's Birthday
Sat. 6/10 All day Charles Thompson's Birthday
Sun. 6/11 All day Karen South's Birthday
All day Kim Strickland's Birthday
Sat. 6/17 All day Ida Mae Poindexter's Birthday
Sun. 6/18 All day Molly & Clay Young's Anniversary


Mon. 6/19 All day Lester Stickland's Birthday
Wed. 6/21 All day David & Joan Poindexter's Anniversary
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Prayer List

  • Kenneth & Marcell Young
  • Tony Littlejohn
  • Jimmy Lamb
  • Joan Smith
  • Ann Driver
  • Virginia Morton
  • Paul Wilson
  • Shirley Smith
  • Matt Ellis
  • David Johnson
  • Agnes Hardin
  • Ed Harvey
  • Barry Rickman
  • Diala McFee
  • Katy Dodds
  • Randy Sumler
  • Tammie Merideth
  • Gail Gurley
  • Gilbert Dillingham
  • Lowell Smith family