Fraley's Chapel Church of Christ

"The churches of Christ salute you." Romans 16:16


Fri. 4/10 All day Amy Hutson's Birthday
All day Ronnie South's Birthday
Fri. 4/17 All day Phillip C. Young's Birthday
Sat. 4/18 All day Jaxon Reeves' Birthday
Mon. 4/20 All day Elizabeth Young's Birthday
Thu. 4/23 All day Jeff & Linda Rickman's Anniversary
All day Patricia Hester's Birthday
Fri. 4/24 All day Curtis Ragan's Birthday
Sat. 4/25 All day Vera Reed's Birthday
All day Jagger Reeves' Birthday
Mon. 4/27 All day Anna South's Birthday
All day Kenneth Young's Birthday
Thu. 4/30 All day Josh Wilbanks' Birthday
All day Phillip Young's Birthday
Fri. 5/1 All day Holly Ross' Birthday
Sat. 5/2 All day Heather Shepherd's Birthday
Sun. 5/3 All day First Sunday

Fellowship meal after morning services.

Wed. 5/6 All day Lowell Smith's Birthday
Mon. 5/11 All day Wanda Thompson's Birthday
Wed. 5/13 All day Bobby & Sissy Simmons' Anniversary
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